Foggy Woods

Foggy Woods

I’m sure I posted this one a while back, I took a shot at trying to adjust the exposure a little, my goal for the time being, to learn how to balance light and dark. Still working on it, and I’m sure I will be for a longgg time!

I snapped this one from my car window, on the drive home from the park on a really really rainy, foggy morning.

18 thoughts on “Foggy Woods

      • Of course! This is how I tagged it until I can come up with more…
        “She ran through the foggy woods, the hem of her white dress dragging along the ground gathering bits of leaves and turning brown as the mud began to soak in. Branches and brambles tugged a the fabric of her once pristine dress. This was not the first white dress she had ruined and this was not the first time she had taken to the woods to escape a future that someone else had planned for her.”

  1. I have a similar shot I took I like you spent quite a while trying to get it just right in the end I ended up with two one similar in exposure to this the other one I pressed the wrong key in the editing software but ended up with a really interesting pic. I accidentally hit the one for negative and it really did give the picture a really eerie quality will dig it out and post it

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  3. I would like to write a poem to accompany your photo…it is awe-inspiring…if it happens, I will send it to you and perhaps we could create a blog together…some of your photos and some of my poetry? What do you think?

    • Thank you so much for thinking of me Millie, I truly appreciate it – especially since I am new to both photography and blogging! I am not very good at figuring out how to link all the blogs in a post, but I will try to get my teenagers to help me out :))

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