Sunshine Award

 I would like to thank Carine at for nominating me for The Sunshine Award! It really makes me happy to think that my photos make someone else smile!

As I said in my Lovely Blogger Award post, I will have to get my teenagers to help me link my blog nominations to my post, I’m not good at that kinda stuff 🙂

So here are the questions & my answers:

Favorite number: 11

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: My first cup of coffee of the day – after that, anything frosty, freezy, slushy cold

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

My Passion:  My family, Reading, Cooking, and Learning more about photography

Favorite pattern: Not a big fan of patterns, I like simplicity

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Flower: I can’t pick a favorite, but I do love the Peace Rose (yellow rose w/pink tips)

Thank you Carine!


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