Night Sky

Night Sky

Well, usually my moon pics are terrible, this is the first that is kind of not so bad.


19 thoughts on “Night Sky

    • Thanks Laurie, I think what saved me is that it was still pretty light out when I shot it, and I used the flash. I usually get a big white blob when I try to shoot it when its really dark!

      • I actually got this shot using my zoom plus the macro setting, and the flash – my Nikon Coolpix has a 21x zoom, still not far enough, so I have to go into the digital zoom, and then I have to hold my breath to get the shot, because there is no image stabilization when I’m zoomed that far.

  1. The best time for moon shots is when there is still a little sun light, either just before sun rise or after sunset — at least that’s when I’ve had better luck. As always in phootography, it’s all about time and patience.

    • Yes, there actually was a little light in the sky when I took this, but I was amazed at how quickly the position of the moon and the light was changing, it was a race!

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  3. This is so beautiful! I too have bad luck with photographing the moon. I’m anxiously awaiting the next full mooon and hope for some better photos 🙂

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