~Snow and Ice ~ Iโ€™m participating in the online adventure travel magazine LetsBeWild.comโ€™s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggersThis weekโ€™s Challenge is: Texture in Nature!

SnowyMorningNov27th2012 082SnowyMorningNov27th2012 042SnowyMorningNov27th2012 128SnowyMorningNov27th2012 122SnowyMorningNov27th2012 125SnowyMorningNov27th2012 142SnowyMorningNov27th2012 151SnowyMorningNov27th2012 154WildWeeklyChallengeTextureSquirrelWildWeeklyChallengeTextureSnowLeafDiamondsInTheSkyNov28th2012 008DiamondsInTheSkyNov28th2012 085Texture In NatureDiamondsInTheSkyNov28th2012 033DiamondsInTheSkyNov28th2012 100


Oops, too late, I missed the deadline! Oh well, there’s always the next one! 2nd Rodposse Photo Contest: Street Photography


2nd Rodposse Photo Contest: Street Photography

The 2nd Rodposse Photo Contest starts now!ย  The second one is over, so I will wait for the 3rd! Go hereย ย ย  http://rodposse.com/category/the-rules-of-2nd-rpc/ for details on how to enter!