6 thoughts on “Mrs. Cardinal – or another Mr.???

  1. I think you have 2 Misters – female cards aren’t red. The Missus’ are kind of a golden brown with the same orange beak. Nice captures – you have to stalk these guys 🙂

      • They definitely are skittish – they prefer to feed on the ground. It’s not uncommon to see more than one male at a time. The females really blend into the woods and brush. I got a shot at one today and only got one clear one.

      • I got a blurry shot of a female in one of my trees this past summer, she totally blended in with the color of the tree! I just started to learn more about birds when I became interested in photography about a year ago. When I saw her I didn’t even know it was a female cardinal!

      • I sit inside my mudroom with the porch door open. I put food on the ground and stay out of sight. When one comes I move very slowly. In the Spring you see more males because they feed the females. Once their babies leave the nest the females seem to be a bit bolder. I have post on them with a female staring me down from about 4 feet. The more you are around the less they are concerned with you though.

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