9 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Magnolia

    • Thank you! I actually can’t remember which camera I used at the time I took this one, either a really old little canon point & shoot – or I may have had the Nikon Coolpix already. I just use the macro setting, the light was so pretty, it was the end of the day ‘soft’ light, it didn’t need too much help from me 🙂

      • Okay, now I’m impressed. I thought for sure you had some large camera and a huge lens. I have two Nikons; a D100 and a D200 with large lenses. My macro doesn’t look this good anymore. Could have something to do with the shaking hands.
        It has been my experience that digital cameras are only good for X amount of clicks. And, seeing how I used these in the news business for nearly 8 years, they are getting pretty worn out.
        My next dream camera is a Nikon D700 – but by the time I can purchase a new one, I’m sure they will have come out with something bigger and better! 🙂

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