9 thoughts on “The Key to the Chocolate Heart

    • Those are my hubbies fave too 🙂 So I made my FB page, and then almost deleted it immediately, lol I guess I will give it a chance, it feels a little weird to me to put my photos out there for some reason. I never felt that way here on wordpress!

      • I’m glad you didn’t. Can you send me the link or the name of the page?
        Don’t feel weird, I would love to see more of your images. And I have discovered that not too many people actually peruse my images. But who knows when you will get big. LOL
        You can link your page to your WP blog. Also, I try to post all my blogs on my FB page. But then again, I’m not a prolific as you. I only post about once every week or so. 🙂
        Oh, BTW, your hubby has good taste, and not in just chocolates!

      • I will send it to you – I was kind of disappointed to see that so many people who asked me to keep posting my pics didn’t like my page. I don’t think I’m getting big anytime soon, LOL

      • I don’t know, Linda, it took me a lot longer to get the amount of likes you have now. Sometimes they don’t see it right away or are busy. I keep inviting them and pick up a few every time!
        You do know about the Invite Friends feature right????
        That is why you want your personal page connected to your business page, so you can invite all your friends to your new page. I have about 500 friends and only 56 of my friends have liked this page. Now on my Repurposeful Design page, 67 of my 215 Likes are from friends. Go figure. Maybe they aren’t such good friends. 😦
        If I could double like it I would! :-X

      • I’ve had my blog page (the one with the same name) for nearly 2 years. I admit, that in the three years I’ve had a blog, I’ve only posted about 95 times (and half of that was after I quit working full time). I’ve had my studio page and my repurposeful design page for about a year.
        I’m trying to get in the habit of updating my status every day or two, but life gets busy and I forget. (after all, I’m the one who didn’t notice that she wasn’t getting any new blog notifications for two months!)
        I find that I have gotten more traffic when I started giving photo tips, DIY ideas and the such.
        Good luck

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