To facebook or not to facebook?

To facebook or not to facebook?

I have created a FaceBook page to go with my blog, to be honest I’m not really sure how I feel about it, but I’m willing to see how it goes! Here is the link if you would like to ‘like’ my page 🙂!/LindaMichelePhotos

4 thoughts on “To facebook or not to facebook?

  1. I too have both a Facebook page and a blog. I post some of my photos in both places, but the audience is different. I like the fact that I can write more in my blog and use more creative skills.

    • I agree, the audience is very different! When I post something here that I love and it gets positive feedback, it goes completely unnoticed on FB for some reason. Still a little unsure of the FB thing for my photos, I’m gonna give it a little time 🙂

      • I am much more selective in what I post on Facebook, because my friends there are only going to look at in for seconds. So the images have to be bold in subject and/or color to get their attention. I know, for example, that sunsets grab attention, even if they are not great photos. For bird photos, I usually need them to be pretty close-up shots to post on FB. Don’t worry if you don’t get lots of notice on FB, but you will definitely get much more support on your blog.

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