5 thoughts on “The Geometric Corridor

  1. A teaching moment. These two photos (the color one also) are beautiful. And, as much as I love black and white, this is a case where color is far superior to black and white. Although the geometric leading lines do lead to a very nice B&W composition.
    This is where Ansel Adams zone rules come into play. When taking and developing an image for black and white, you want to make sure you have enough light for all 10 zones. Meaning, you want to have “detail in the shadows.” Take this one back into photoshop and adjust the LEVELS to get light in the midtones. You want the whitest white and the blackest black with everything in-between. But you want to make sure that in the deep shadows, you still have some noticeable details. Hope this helps! I will post an example on FB. 🙂
    BTW, Where is this???

    • Thank you Darla! I think I finally am beginning to ‘understand’ the B&W rules a tiny bit, thanks to you 🙂 I redid it, I will repost the edited version, for comparison. This was taken at Muhlenberg College last spring, my son was taking a tour, but he decided on a different school 🙂

  2. This is good … but it’s so narrow and dark .. when I have seen the other two photos .. this is my last choice. You picked up Darla’s advice very quickly.

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