Italian Easter Bread


My Italian grandmother Jenni used to make Easter Bread every Easter – I was always fascinated by the colored egg in the bread! I have never tried to make it myself, but I’m going to take the plunge this year, wish me luck!

My Grandfather Anthony came from Deliceto, Italy. Anthony and Sam (brothers) married Jenni and Julia (sisters)! My Grandmother Jenni had 6 children, and 3 of those children ~ Antoinette, Francis and Angela (my mom) each had 6 children!

13 thoughts on “Italian Easter Bread

  1. Good luck Linda! I know you will do great on this project. Seeing how I’ve been sick for the past two weeks, the only thing I’ll be doing for Easter is making sure my guest bath is clean!

  2. Good luck with the baking, I’m absolutely useless on baking when it´s all about yeast. Don´t have the patient. Wouldn´t mind bread like that – so pretty with that egg in the middle. Good luck and let us know … about the result.

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