1st Place!!!

1st Place!!!

Am I dreaming?? My Jeremiah Froggy Reflection shot earned 1st place in The Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections!!
I can’t believe it, I thought for sure I wouldn’t even get an honorable mention this time around, all the entries were so GREAT!
Check it out here http://www.letsbewild.com/photo-challenge-winners/challenge-24-reflections/

And take a moment to look at all the entries, they are stunning !!

28 thoughts on “1st Place!!!

  1. Congratulations ….. not surprised – you and your camera is a fantastic team. I have always loved frogs since I was a kid … think they are funny and cute. Your photo prof that.

      • How cute … I wonder how made her pregnant ??? If there is only one frog in the pond ??? Something for you to figure out.
        5 .. frogs how cute … really like the small creatures. Have kissed many 2 legged ones .. still not found the prince.

      • I think she hopped off to find her prince, lol There was about 2 weeks last summer where I did not see her at all – then one day…BABIES! I was shocked to see them!

      • Amazing that so few survived – consider that she must have laid 100rds of eggs. Babies always nice … *smile

  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! Its a beauty and so perfectly reflective in more than one way. The little hopper looks like he is deep in thought. Great job Linda! I’m so happy for you!

      • Great excitement here because we’ve got frogspawn for the second year running! We put a pond in about 8 years ago and get lots of frogs but no spawn. Last year was the first – but the newts ate the lot! 😦

      • We had the frog in the pond for at least a year or two, and I called ‘him’ Jeremiah, lol Last year he disappeared for about two weeks, I didn’t see or hear him at all, and when SHE reappeared, a few weeks later we saw the little ones, only 4 of them!

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