The promise of Spring

The promise of Spring


4 thoughts on “The promise of Spring

  1. Thanks for sharing your promise of spring images. Everything is still so dead around here – I’m seriously wondering if the drought has done more damage than I thought. I know it is still early, but I’m used to seeing stuff blooming by now. My redbud trees blooms (what few are left as the tree is dying) got bit by a late freeze. And my other trees haven’t put out any new leaves yet. I guess the early Easter has me looking for new life sooner than normal????? I guess I just need to be patient. 😛

      • I am a bit better, but the initial mouth soreness is still with me. My mouth is raw, like I’ve been eating something very acidic or something I’m allergic too (although I’m not allergic to anything). Now I have huge blisters on my tongue and throat. I’ve done antibiotics and antiviral, and although I can talk better, still feel fatigues and have a sore throat. This has been going on since March 12! Ready for it to be over!

        I just saw a couple tiny little leaves bursting out from the dead looking branches on my trees! My redbud (my favorite) got bit by the last freeze, so not many blossoms there! 😦

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