14 thoughts on “Rollin’ Thunder Pourin’ Rain…

  1. yay! We are having our second one in four hours right now! I love that scent! The rain sounds so amazing and watching it moving across the sky and land in winnowing sheets never tires me. Wicked cloud to ground lightning and strong winds with the first one here!

  2. Spooky! Clouds like that have us heading for the cellar (well, it would if I had a cellar!)
    We got freezing rain, lots of people lost limbs from their trees. Since mine haven’t leafed out yet, I think my trees were spared!

    • I saw on the news about the freezing rain in your area Darla, it looked bad! It did get that spooky greenish gray color right at the beginning, its still thunder and lightning out right now!

      • A lot of people lost limbs, some trees. Not as bad as the ice storm we had two winters ago – it was a huge mess!
        We’ve been getting really warm (70-80) and then having sudden cold snaps (freezing). This one-two combo is what produces our tornados. We had freezing rain on Wednesday with thunder and lightning – it was so weird. And today (Friday) its near 70 again.
        Will Rogers always said, if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait five minutes! He was so right.

    • Thank you – I am a little afraid of the really big ones, I got caught out driving in a tornado warning once (we don’t usually even have them around here) and it scared the living heck ot of me! We ended up having a small tornado, just one town over from where I was!

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