13 thoughts on “Purple Petunia after the rain

  1. beautiful. all my flowers (after this mornings flooding) are not holding delicate raindrops – they are beat down and covered in mud splatters! I guess we can’t all have gentle rain! So pretty and I love the composition and lighting.

    • I hear ya Darla, we got some epic rain on thursday nite, and the loudest crack of thunder and lightning right over our house that I’ve ever heard, it knocked some of our power out! The dogs nearly had a heart attack! Our pool is filled with muddy brown water now 😦

    • No, handheld. I find that the tripod limits my options for the angles that I want – I focus, and hold my breath, and then click, lol – I also sharpen them a little when I edit them if I can do it without creating ‘noise’.

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